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Shopee in Malaysia: WorldGearNutritions I

Shopee in Malaysia: ApekGears/Juice I

guide to identifying fake products and sellers

Find here how to identify some differences between the real Meditech Product from a fake one. Always pay attention and use our authenticity tool to make sure it’s 100% safe and real.

EQUIPOISE: Please check for distorted logo and font to notify the difference between FAKE and REAL product. As you can see the difference between Q of fake and real product

DIANABOL: Please check for missing watermarks, patterns and logo on packaging both front and back to spot difference between fake and real product

SOMAPURE: Please check our website for complete list of update packaging, as can see with peptide product display below, with the one on the left showing FAKE and the right showing REAL product.

1ML VIAL PACKAGE: Important! At Meditech we no longer distribute or manufacture 1ml vial package for any of our product as is shown in the images below

T-PROP: Please recheck packaging with any of our currently available product on our website as some of the packaging aspect is noticeably different like color and packaging design.

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