Check for Authenticity

Enter "Authenticity Codes" found on the label to verify the authenticity of your product.

Follow these Easy Steps to Check Authenticity Code

1Locate authentication label to find security code. ( Old sticker will be discontinue starting from Feb 2019 onward )

2Scratch and check for ‘11 character security code’ on both the 1st line and 2nd line of the authenticity sticker.

3Scan QR Code or go to ‘’ then click ‘Check Code’

4Enter the exact code display on the 1st and 2nd line respectively. Click 'Submit' to check your code.

*Please noted that if your authentication code has been checked more than once a log displayed a list of location, time and date of code checked will be available for your viewing. If those previous log aren’t checked by yourself, please be aware that product on hand are likely to be fake